On June 21, 2020, during a period of social unrest, the meeting hall of the church in Atlanta was set on fire.

Investigators determined the cause of the fire was arson.

Fire, smoke and water damaged 95% of the meeting hall interior.

The church in Atlanta has had a particular strategic role in the southeast region. Numerous local, regional and even extra-regional conferences and gatherings utilize the Atlanta meeting hall. Rather than merely restoring the hall, through fellowship it seems prudent to enlarge the footprint and perform certain upgrades to meet the Lord’s present and future needs.

Renovation Plan

  1. Expand existing conference capacity to 1,500
  2. Addition of a 10,000 sq foot second floor for children’s meeting and classrooms
  3. Add more than eleven breakout rooms for smaller fellowship groups
  4. Double the size of the church book room
  5. Full-size commercial kitchen (double the size of existing)
  6. Cafeteria with seating for 75
  7. Add 75 additional parking spaces
  8. Updated exterior finishes

Cost of Renovation

Total Project Cost:
Insurance Proceeds:
Gifts Received
Funds Needed: